The PhilGEPS is the single, centralized electronic portal that serves as the primary and definitive source of information on government procurement.

Government agencies, as well as suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, distributors and consultants, are mandated to register and use the system in the conduct of procurement of goods, civil works and consulting services. Through the use of the PhilGEPS, transparency in government procurement is enhanced since opportunities to trade with government and the ensuing transactions are provided online.

Data you can get from PhilGEPS


Agencies are the department, office, or any instrumentality of government, including state universities and colleges, government-owned and/or controlled corporations, government financial institutions and local government units registered with the system.


Suppliers are manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and consultants, both local and foreign, registered with the system.

Bid Notices

Bid notices contain information about the project being procured. They provide prospective bidders with a general description of the project, general criteria to be used for the evaluation, post-qualification and award, data of procurement activities, approved budget for the contract, contact person and other information deemed relevant by the procuring entity

Award Notices

Award notices contain information about the award. Information includes name and address of the winning bidder, award type, contract amount, contract number and reason for award.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Suppliers

  • How to register in the PhilGEPS?
  • Suppliers may register online at The merchant must provide a valid e-mail address, company TIN, DTI, SEC and/or CDA Registration Number whichever is applicable and other required information.
  • How do I pay my Platinum Membership registration or renewal?
  • You can choose to pay through Landbank using the OnColl Payment Slip or pay directly at our Cashier's Office. Please be informed that we do not accept credit card payments but only through debit cards with the following bank networks Bancnet, ExpressNet and MegaLink.
  • How to verify if my application for Platinum membership registration is approved?
  • Kindly wait for the membership upgrade approval through your PhilGEPS account. You will find the notification under the Pending Task upon logging in.

    For check payments, we would require a 3-day (working) clearance before we can approve your membership upgrade and allow access to online printing of the Certificate of Registration.

    For payment verification and approval of membership upgrade, please send the scanned copy of the OnColl Payment Slip through e-mail at .
  • What are the different membership types in the PhilGEPS
  • How to upgrade to Platinum Membership?
  • How can a foreign supplier upgrade to Platinum membership?
  • How can a foreign supplier pay the Platinum membership using Wire Transfer scheme?
  • How to change the Organization Name in the Platinum membership?
  • How to get the “Registration Number” for Red Membership?
  • How to change my email address in my PhilGEPS account?
  • The system is in existence for over 15 years and has accumulated a wealth of data on government procurement. We encourage you to take advantage and use the data that is on the system for your research studies, policy formulation and decision making.

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